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Fitness Equipment, Supplements, & More for Adults Over 50

Staying in shape is hard enough to do when you're younger, which makes it more difficult as you grow older. Fifty Fab and Healthy specializes in promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles for people over 50 years of age. You can find fitness equipment to keep your core strong, as well as nutritional, healthy eating options which include gluten free, dairy free, and nut free options. Supplements are also available to ensure your are getting the necessary vitamins on a daily basis. Our daily living aids helps you maintain an active and independent living and includes massage therapy products to help with aching muscles and stiff joints.

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At the core of staying fit through the best years is fitness and healthy eating.  Our fitness collection includes arm and leg exercisers, bicycles and body fat monitors so you can stay active and on top of your physical condition.  Eating healthy is critical to maintaining health and whether you’re on a dairy free, gluten free or low salt diet, our collection of food products will help you maintain your dietary needs and enjoy the foods you’re eating.  Often as we age we need to supplement our diets with nutrients.  Our health supplements offer a collection of vitamins, minerals and supplements to help keep you strong and on the go.

Fifty Fab and Healthy also offers the medical gear and equipment you need to maintain active and independent living.  Arthritic?  Our aids to daily living, back and neck therapy collection and our massage therapy products will help with aching and stiff joints.

Diabetes affects 25.8 million adults and children in the United States alone.  Our diabetes care collection will help you to manage this disease if you or a loved one is affected.  Foot care is particularly important if you are diabetic but even if you aren’t a diabetic, tired and aching feet can slow you down.  Check out our collection of foot care products to keep those feet dancing.

If your mobility has been affected by age or illness, our wheelchairs and accessories will keep you on the go.  Pressure prevention and positioners can help with stiffness and issues from being in one position for extended periods of time.  We know if illness has you down that staying in your home is important to you.  We can provide you with beds and accessories to make it easier to remain in your home.  You see Fifty Fab and Healthy is dedicated to providing you with the heath products you need – whether it is first aid or a bed board, we’re here for you! © 2014 - All Rights Reserved